Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hypnotherapy Persuading The Subconscious To Quit Smoking

Just because you have exhausted your efforts on trying all the available methods on how to quit smoking, it does not mean there is no hope at all. Stop smoking hypnosis may possibly be the answer to your problem. Hypnosis is a state of the body or a phenomenon which resembles sleep that is induced by suggestion. It aims to influence, through suggestion, the subconscious mind. (During sleep, the subconscious mind, often regarded to as the stronger part of the mind, is at work.)

Suggestion is a very powerful tool in averting one's mind. Most experts on this field believe that one of every three or four persons can, under suitable conditions, be hypnotized. Almost anyone can be hypnotized. The capability of being hypnotized is not dependent on age, sex, personality, intelligence or anything else. As long as the subject's attention can be grasped, that person can be put under a hypnotic spell.

While the decision to quit smoking is easy, being on the process of really quitting is, no doubt, a very hard thing to do. It is usually the physical withdrawal symptoms an ex-smoker would have to endure that will make him vulnerable and fall into the trap again. It is very important that an individual who decides to stop smoking be aware of this so that he can be prepared. The uses of hypnosis which are relevant to an individual who wants to quit smoking include repression or suggesting away withdrawal symptoms and lessening the intensity of apprehension and anxiety.

Like any other quit smoking program, hypnosis does not guarantee perfect results as many of the patients still experience episodic or casual cravings for cigarettes. But there are many still who claim that after they have undergone hypnosis, they have forgotten such urges. Despite the possibility of having to smoke again, you really have to believe that hypnosis will work. You have to be firm on your decision to let go of that bad habit.

Hypnosis can be self taught. With the aid of relaxation tapes and various techniques to relax and ease your mind from any form of worry, you will then be able to have your session in your very own private premises. To get you started, you have to outline your goals and keep yourself motivated with those goals. Visualize yourself that you have successfully attained those goals. Start your session in a relaxing environment, a normal tone of voice and a relaxing pace. Remember to be safe and avoid using scented candles. Instead, try soft lights and a soothing music to help you get into the mood. Take deep breaths to aid you in starting. Deep breathing helps you relax because it enables you to take in more oxygen and allow it into to your bloodstream. This instantly gives a calming effect.

It is also very important that you have a support program for this form of treatment. You may want to have a one on one session or join workshops with an experienced hypnotist for lessons on self hypnosis. Similar to any other program, the first step still depends on you. Your will power and determination to quit is the underlying principle of hypnosis. Believe you can do it it.

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