Monday, June 18, 2012

The way to eliminate Bad Breath

Have you ever problems with bad breath? Certainly makes you less confident it! Especially during the fasting month as now. Although bad breath when fasting is worth the reward, but still quite uncomfortable.

Actually, what causes bad breath?

Bad breath (halitosis) can arise from irregular teeth cleaning activities. It could also be a sign of serious health problems, such as liver, stomach, respiratory tract and acute kidney. While dental disease cause bad breath include tooth decay, gingivitis, gingivitis because plaque, and periodontitis. Bad breath can also arise because of the food you eat and other unhealthy habits, like smoking.

How to cure bad breath?

The easiest way to remove bad breath during fasting course diligently cleaning the teeth, especially after eating a meal. Because after 30 minutes was not eating, mouth acidity increases because the residual acid is not removed. In addition to maintaining oral health, here are some tips to overcome bad breath:

     Increase consumption of water.
     Increase consumption of fruits such as apples mouth odor repellent, yam and carrots.
     Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
     Check into your dentist at least six months.

The following are additional ways to cure bad breath naturally:

- Cloves (3-5 seeds)
- Water (to taste)

Take 3-5 cloves flower seeds. Pour boiling enough water for about 5 minutes, then chill. Use this water to rinse.

Hopefully all the tips to overcome the above and eliminate bad breath can be useful for those of you who have bad breath odors.

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