Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who is Concerned About Health?

Been 3 months and almost 4 months I breathe Rote Ndao District, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Teaching elementary school is my goal coming into the southern districts of Indonesia. A lot of experience I have gained, not only to the extent of education, children or teaching and learning activities. Yes, one of which I have experience about health here. I have its own story about the health of the population of East Rote Rote particular district.
Starting with RI Anniversary celebration was held. 17an celebration in East Rote place very lively. Almost all villages took part in this celebration, both as participants in the race, organizers or spectators. The celebration centered on Pepela 17an, a village with a Muslim majority population. Various competitions are held, such as tug of war, climbing nut, a traditional dance Rote, Jai (a type of poco-poco), long-distance running, hiking, climbing nut, football etc.. The competition followed by all people: elementary school children, junior high school and parents. Yes, of course, my students follow the competitions. Playing on a very solid even we (me, the teachers, students and parents) must be willing to stay at an elementary school near the center of the race. Schedule a solid race and the only participant that's it (understand, we just take a little disciple because these strategies can reduce spending, especially to eat) make children tired. It is also felt by students from other schools. And ... the victim was falling, .... High fever, malaria, sore eyes, cough, food poisoning, collapsed during the race, it all happened during the race week. This condition is exacerbated by the absence of medical teams from health centers.
I go to Rote and comes with a blue bag containing drugs standards are the foundation. With the bag, I try to help people who are sick during the event 17an. Initially I asked, what they feel, then I see the symptoms. With my habit of taking drugs at home, I have applied to them. High heat, I give paracetamol, cough cough medicine that I give them but I forget the brand and give me an ulcer drug when they say it feels pain in the gut. Handling like this I think is not quite right, but thanks to God almost all of them successfully. I gave up when I think there are junior high school boy who seemed affected by malaria. Yes, I became a nurse in imitation Rote. :-)
On day three races were held, one of the disciples, Saldy name, hit a kick in the head when he played ball. Blood was flowing from his head. Incidentally at the time I'm home to change clothes. When I returned to the place to stay, a gentlemen holding a cotton swab on the head Saldy. Once I know that Saldy suffered head injuries from the story that a lot, it took Mr. Coffee. I started the confusion, in the heart ... "you know, there are sick children that he even makes coffee ....". And it turns out the coffee will be used to treat head injuries Saldy. "People here usually if there are injuries, use of coffee just mom ...", said Mr it.
One of the interesting race, race. Every elementary and junior high school send a representative two sons and two daughters to follow the race. The competition was held at 3 pm, the sun still comes up and is very hot, can imagine how hot it is. Race among junior high school students is the opening match. Approximately 2000 meters distance to go. Yet half of the specified range, there are runners who collapsed and again there was no medical team. As a result, the committee should oversee the participant that does not pick fraud, had to intervene. I saw the child, such as difficulty breathing and overheating. And suddenly an old 40's Gentlemen, pour a bottle of water into the boy's body. The child may not get up. I then suggest you should immediately take the boy was taken somewhere more quiet and comfortable, because boy trying to be awakened, but no attempt was transferred from side road. My speech was not followed, even someone say .. "get up too soon, the mother ...". A few seconds later, not far from where I stood, a boy from another school, also collapsed. After the incident, then the first child moved into the room collapsed. I was asked to help revive him. I had come into the room which is certainly more comfortable and quiet. The boy had regained consciousness but could not breath well, so impressed him in pain. When I try to help the child to breathe properly, it appeared that some mothers are busy smearing the child's hands and feet with onions. I started the confusion. To my knowledge these children have difficulty breathing and was not cold, so why should a child wear an onion like colds. I ignore what they do and still leads the child to breathe calmly and simply improved after I left.
A few weeks after the race ended, I was chatting with PTT doctors here. He has served more than 1 year. I told him about the incident giving pembaluran coffee and onion. He just chuckled and he said ... "That's not the worst, even the use of oil and brake fluid to treat injuries from a fall". Indeed, the strange handling. Then I asked some villagers' whether no counseling from physicians and clinics about first aid accidents in the home environment? " and most of the answers, "No son" (no). ok, I immediately thought that the village where I teach is about 17 km from the clinic. Far enough to seek treatment. Moreover, the absence of the condition is exacerbated transportation to health centers. So now who's health care?

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